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Hasham Tanveer

Being born in a privileged environment, nothing can motivate you unless you put your feet in the shoes of those for whom, everyday life is not about thriving, it is about surviving, a moment of truth that motivated me, an incident; when two years back, I faced severe water shortage for a month, made me realize the hardships which 2.2 billion people have to face every day. While learning about the deaths of children due to water and food shortage in Thar, Pakistan. A severe drought due to which the crop production declined, causing a famine.

After that with the help of my wonderful team; Hassan, Usama, Shayan I started working on a Super-Absorbent-Polymer with a polymer-chemist (a Ph.D. from the Netherlands), from UET Lahore. Finally, after two years of hard work, we came up with the super-absorbent which can revolutionize the conventional agricultural practices.

A STEM student seeking to solve global issues with scientific and technological solutions. Living in a water stressed country like Pakistan and having faced the consequences water shortage in a megacity like Karachi, he co-founded Solvify, to address the accelerating global problems of water scarcity and food insecurity.

Hassan Sohail

Usama Tanveer

Usama is a Chemical engineering undergrad, a social entrepreneur, an advocate of climate and loves to volunteer for humanitarian causes. He is passionate to have a positive impact on his society. He is a member of PAK-US alumni network and has studied at Florida State University on a fellowship sponsored by U.S Department of State and have also represented Pakistan as a Hansen Fellow at the Hansen Summer Institute, University of San Diego.

Currently, he is working with Young Water Solutions (Belgium) as a fellow to implement clean water access project for a refugee community in Islamabad, Pakistan.

I am a Mechanical Engineer and a technology enthusiast. I love to work on the practical solution to the real-life problems of the world. Being born and raised in Pakistan made me realize the gravity of the fact that global warming is making it harder and harder to grow enough food to feed the population of 7.7 billon people and still growing. To feed all these people we need innovative solutions to these problems. Most critical issue associated with the agriculture and farming present in the countries with the greatest portion of humanity living in, is the shortage of fresh water resources.

I am certain that our solution, Solvify, is the solution for this extremely serious problem that can not only make it easier for farmers to grow food, but it will also help us conserve water and other natural resources with it.

Muhammad Anas