With an aim to help farmers, Young Hasham Finds a way to combat water scarcity

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Hasham Tanveer is a young science enthusiast and social entrepreneur. Hailing from a humble background and a community where he has witnessed people giving up on their hopes because of poverty and impoverished livelihoods, Hasham decided not to give up and with a sheer determination and hard work he succeeded to pave hopes way through primary school [...]

Target Impact in 7 Years

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Our target is to make an impact on 10 million farmer families cultivating an average of 200 million Hactares of land and growing 1 billion tonnes of food. While we aim to make another 200 million hectare of land arable and save a 100 trillion liters of water.

2021 (Year 4)

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Bring a fertilizer company on board and raising investment to install bigger plan with 300 ton/year capacity. Meanwhile, targeting the international market and setting up local model farms

2019-2020 (Year 2 & Year 3)

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Setting up a pilot scale plant based on the model selected to product 3000 kg/year with private equity. it will be testing on actual sites all around Pakistan on private land and agri-departments

Year 1 (2018)

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Based on optimizing the product and selecting preparation method suitable for industrial production along with product testing in lab grown farms.