Technologically Enhanced Super Absorbent Polymer


An intelligent super absorbent nano-powder, can retain water upto 1000 times of its own weight and releases it slowly to the roots of plants/crops as per their requirement. Pilot-experiments have shown that Solvify can reduce water usage in conventional farming practices upto 70% and fertilizer by 50% while increasing per-hectare crop yield by 20%. Accelerated biodegradability renders it to a completely non-toxic fertilizer within 6-months making it a safe, suitable sustainable, cost-effective and retrofit solution to global Water Scarcity & Food Insecurity. For one cropping season 3-4 Kg of Solvify is required per hectare while 1 kg costs about $2-3 to manufacture.

Why Solvify?

Solvify addresses the global water scarcity and the global food insecurity while at the same time driving down the costs of conventional farming to grow food, significantly by cutting down the water usage per hectare up to 70% and fertilizer requirement by 50% while, increasing the crop yield by 20%. Simple and off-grid solution which doesn’t require any special equipment or power which in turn saves a lot of energy and capital that goes into operating the conventional farming tools such as irrigation pumps, drip system etc. Solvify is produced from the recycled polymers waste through a new and green process, if mass produced it can reduce millions of tons of waste that goes into our oceans.

Challenges Resolved by Solvify

Solvify is an intelligent super absorbent particle that can retain water up to 1000 times of its own weight and releases it slowly under the capillary action to the roots of the plants/crops as per their requirement. It is a sustainable, cost-effective and retrofit solution to the current global challenges of water scarcity, food insecurity and energy crises.

  • Reducing the waste by recycling the waste polymers to Solvify through a novel, efficient and green process.
  • Empowering the farmer to use significantly less water while growing more food.
  • Drastically cutting down the GHG emissions from the agricultural sector.

Water Problems

By 2050, feeding a planet of 9 billion people will require an estimated 150 percent increase in agricultural production and a 60 percent increase in water withdrawals. Solvify addresses these problems as it reduces the water requirement by 70% while making the crops 20% denser. Which means that with considerably lesser water supply, we can grow about 3.3 times more food in 20% smaller area. Not only this, but this superlative targeted irrigation also saves the energy that is used by drip-irrigation methods. Also, Solvify absorbs pure water which means that it can filter the water for crops before releasing it to the capillaries of the plants.

Our Solutions

Reduction in TDS level significantly reduces the demand for fresh water for irrigation. It also removes salinity from the field (due to its natural attraction for salts) and water is directly provided to roots which makes vegetation possible even on barren lands. The targeted release of nutrients/drugs also reduces the fertilizer requirement by 50%. One Solvify application cycle has the potential to reduce the GHG emissions by at least 40% hence it is a step closer to environmentally sustainable and viable agricultural revolution. Solvify is a green solution which thrives on sustainability.

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